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Our Location

Arriving to our tour departure locations

Our current tours start from Zagreb, Munich, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Venice and Rome. 

You can reach Zagreb from all the major Central and Western European airports (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Frankfurt...). Zagreb airport is well-connected with all the major European airports through flights operated by the best airlines. Also a direct flights from Philadelphia (US) to Dubrovnik (HR) are available on daily basis, which can also be an option to consider when booking a flight to Zagreb. Dubrovnik and Zagreb are connected via daily flights operated by Croatia Airlines. 

For our tours starting from Munich, Vienna, Venice and Rome, you can choose from many direct flights connecting these two cities with all the major airports in the world. 

Upon your arrival to any starting point of our tours (Zagreb, Munich, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Venice, Rome), we will arrange a pickup for you at the airport and a transfer to your hotel. 

When travelling to Zagreb via airports in Venice (Italy), Ljubljana (Slovenia) or Vienna (Austria), we can arrange a private (usually shuttle) transfer. Feel free to contact us in case you would need such an assistance and we will be happy to arrange it. Supplementary charge of such additional shuttle service will be applied - usually between 130-150 euro for a car for 1-3 persons and 150-200 euro for a van for 4-8 persons (this is a total cost, shared per person). 

When travelling to Zagreb from any other European airport you can look for Go Opti or a similar shuttle service offering a transfer to Zagreb (we can assist you with that, if needed). 

In case you need any other information, feel free to contact us or send your inquiry to info@adventure-roads.com and we will provide an answer to you shortly. 

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