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Ever since the first moment of founding our company, I am feeling an indescribable passion and excitement that almost matches the amazing riding experience felt by every passionate motorcycle rider and traveller.

I was born in 1976. My original background is business: I have been working in international environment for 18 years, mostly as a marketing director in a big distribution company. I have a BA and MBA from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, Croatia.

Beside bike riding, in my free time I also enjoy jogging and exploring different aspects of the beauty of the world, whether it’s nature, different cultures, arts, travel, music or whatever makes us reach beyond our horizons. This is the moto of our company, too.

When it comes to bikes, for me it’s an endless topic, just like  the road itself, and I could go on and on about it... Privately, apart from adventure touring bikes – I am presently using a Suzuki V Strom 1000 for travels, I also love my Ducati Scrambler and I ride it for fun whenever I can.

I am certain you will have an amazing journey with us. We will make sure that you feel free and safe while enjoying the best riding experience guided and designed by our amazing guides team who have travelled almost every corner of the World, which, combined with the best authentic cuisine and the top accommodation we have selected for you, guarantee the fulfilment of all your senses.

Choose your horizon and we will take you beyond.

Igor is a travel enthusiast with a head in mechanical engineering and his heart in travel and active outdoors.  

Since he could walk, he started traveling and tramping by any means, covering over more than 65 countries so far. And since he could ride, his Suzuki V-Strom took him to almost every corner of Europe until it became too small for his ambitions. In 2017 he embarked on his most exciting and longest moto trip ever – covering the distance of 20 000 kilometers, his wheels rolled from Croatia to Mongolia over many challenging roads of Central Asian countries. The most demanding but also the most rewarding one – Pamir highway in Tajikistan –  was a highlight of this trip and a turning point in his life. He realized there's much more in life than office work and since then you can see him guiding motorbike & cycling tours, entertaining his guests with his travel stories, and exploring new places for future tours. 

When he's not working, your best bet is to find him somewhere in nature – either hiking, trail running, and of course, cycling. Either on his motorbike or powered by his two legs – his life is always in motion. 

37 year old mechanical engineer with travel bug and constant life environment change need. In spite of many changes in his life, the passion for motorcycles never changed since he first sat on a 50cc  '86. two-stroke moped. He traveled many roads, mainly Europe, and the crown of his travels (so far) is a 6-month tour around Europe in 27000 km's. Experienced in guiding road, off-road trips.

With his enduro passion, he brings new dusty excitement to MTE team.

I am a retired member of the special police forces, an amateur historian, and a furniture builder, with a great passion for motorcycle rides. 

Ever since I was a boy, I’ve been dreaming about travelling to distant lands and meeting people of different customs and cultures. My fascination with small communities struggling to preserve their traditions within larger dominant cultures pushed me to travel great distances to find members of Croatian communities scattered around the world, but also to study other ethnic groups in similar circumstances.

I started riding a motorcycle when I was already in my thirties, but it has immediately become my greatest passion and a perfect way to find out everything I ever wanted about the world and its many wonders. Ever since retiring from special police forces, I started spending more and more time on the road, which culminated in 2011 when I decided to travel around the world and back. I spent 120 days on the road and travelled about 43,000 kilometers (26,700 miles), starting from Croatia, riding through North America and Asia back to Europe. After return, I gathered my stories and impressions in a book called ‘A Road Book’. Locally, the book was a big success and I hope it will soon be published in English, as well. So far, the experiences described in this book have been my greatest adventure, but I am always making new plans and preparations for even greater challenges.

Apart from being an adventurous experience and a way to visit places and people I haven’t yet seen, travelling by bike is also my way to relax, introspect, and reinvent myself with every new trip. I enjoy every opportunity to transmit my passion to other adventure riders.  

I began riding a bike about 30 years ago. I used to spend a lot of time hiking and researching Triglav – the highest mountain in Slovenia, but my heart and soul were always drawn to travelling on these two wheels.

I have always loved travelling and when I combined that with my love of the motorcycle, it was a perfect match.

My research and travels have slowly but steadily lead to guiding the groups on their tours in the Balkans, in the Dolomites and Tuscany. Altogether, I was a guide for about 15 years, and when I was not leading groups, I would be researching and looking for new places to take them to.

The Dolomites, Swiss Alps, Tuscany and Italy are the places where I feel at home.

Born in 1976, with a university degree in traffic engineering, I am a licensed driving instructor and an educator for A and B categories with more than 20 years of experience in this line of business. I am presently working for the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency as an examiner, as a mentor to future instructors, and as a lecturer on the topics of traffic safety.

I have had a passion for motorcycles for as long as I can remember. There is nothing I love doing more than travelling on my bike.

I was born in 1975 and I've been riding a bike non-stop since I was 16.

Professionally, I am an experienced tourism manager. 

If somebody asked me what I would like to do the most in life, the answer would be: riding my bike all day long with all my expenses covered. Back in my student days, this was the part of the reason for writing a graduation thesis entitled "Organisation of motorcycle tours in Croatia". Life has taken me in a different direction, and I have never realized that idea until now. I am writing this bio for my perfect job.

I travelled all over Europe on my motorcycle, including parts of Africa and South Asia (Nepal) and I still dream about travelling around the world, someday.

I like people and making new friends and acquaintances, I like travelling (did I mention that?) nature and food. My official hobbies are sports, reading books, beekeeping and harvesting herbs.

Who We Are

About us

About us

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate active travel specialists, biking and outdoor active sports professionals, and motorcycle travelers with decades of experience traveling across the Globe, participating and organizing active outdoor and sports events, and riding across the globe hundreds of thousands of miles on our mileage display.

Our urge to master greater distances and travel deeper into the areas unknown to us took some of us literally to the end of the world and back. The experience of being on the road for days on end, alone or in a group, would always profoundly change the way in which we perceived ourselves and bring closer the cultures and ways of life so much different from those in the little corner of the world that we call home. The people we met, the landscapes we felt, the food we tried (and reacted to) on the way, and most of all, the sensation of being ONE with the places we rode through, would leave an indelible trace on our minds, souls, and bodies, each time we traveled. The intense dynamics of active life is something we find unbeatable in terms of experiences aimed at breaking our daily routines and taking us further away from our comfort zones.

If you wish to reach beyond the horizon of familiar landscapes and cultures, Adventure Roads is the right place to start.

Why to choose us?

The routes we have designed? Experience with us some of the most scenic routes and regions. We have carefully planned and selected our tours in order to provide you with the best possible experience, together with cultural and historical sights, beautiful natural scenery, tasty local specialties, and the highest quality of accommodation. 

Our guides? We are especially proud of our guides. With hundreds of thousands of miles of proven experience worldwide, including some of the most challenging parts of the world, having experienced almost all continents you will surely enjoy the experience of riding with them.     

The food? Taste the best of the local authentic cuisines and find the specialties that pair with your soul.  

The accommodation? We have carefully selected the locations of overnight stays and we pay special attention to making sure you feel at home when away from home. 

The experience? Apart from the joy and fun while on the road, we have made sure to provide you an extra experience of significant additional value. Depending on the tours that you choose, there will be a lot of cultural and historical sightseeing, learning about the natural environment, and providing all the facts necessary to understand the social and traditional background of any specific areas covered by our routes.  

Join us for an amazing active travel experience, feel vibrant and free while enjoying our all-inclusive tours... 

Allow us to take you beyond the horizon.  

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