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Cycling Holidays Croatia: the best holiday you can experience.

Thinking to make your holidays active? Excellent decision and truly the best you can do for yourself for your mind and body retreat. Its definitely the ultimate holiday you can experience. You can pick different activities, such as cycling, walking, hiking, mountain climbing and much more. Usually cycling is between top activities for excellent fulfilling active holidays Croatia are definitely top bucket list active holidays. Croatia has a lot to offer from authentic historic sights amazing nature breath taking sceneries scenic rides excellent cycling roads deli vine producers Istria vineyards...

With so many places to explore, there is always an adventure waiting for you! Whether it's a country that offers mountain climbing or one that has beautiful scenery, there is something for everyone. If you're looking for a destination with excellent cycling roads and breathtaking sceneries, then Croatia should be No. 1 on your bucket list.

From mountain climbs up the hilly continental part or islands which offer some great hills depending on where you want your adventure level at - the Adriatic islands offer spectacular landscapes . So what type of cyclist are you?

Are you the type of cycling enthusiast that loves a challenging ride? Or are you more interested in cycling as an easy way to explore and see new places with minimal effort?

Cycling holidays in Europe are definitely top bucket list active vacations. But cycling's not your only option. You can choose between different activities like walking, hiking or mountain climbing and enjoy excellent adventure vacation combined with unique cultural experiences.

The best areas for cycling is Croatia which offer miles and miles of beautiful cycling roads in stunning landscapes with cycling routes and cycling holiday packages.

Cycling in Europe is a perfect choice for active tourists looking to enjoy the best of their summers days on two wheels while exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes. Cycling through Croatia will open up new cycling routes to cycling enthusiasts.

Croatia is the best place to cycle with some of Europe's most scenic cycling road networks, breathtaking views and cycling holiday packages. Choose your destination and start your cycling journey, your cycling style and let us know where to send you!

Croatia's cycle paths are some of the most scenic in Europe, with a unique mix of coastal roads, mountain passes and long flat stretches. You will enjoy not only Croatia's beautiful landscape but also its rich history, culture and cuisine.

Cycling in Croatia offers a great choice of scenic routes and challenges for all levels, from beginners to experts: around 650 km of paths with varying levels of difficulty that will allow you to enjoy the best landscapes on two wheels! You can choose one tour or tailor-make your cycling holiday

The Adriatic Coast is one of the most popular cycle touring destinations in Europe. You can explore it at a leisurely pace or with more challenging tours for those who like challenges. It offers beautiful landscapes, fascinating history as well as excellent food and wine

Cycling vacations have been gaining popularity for years as people all over search for ways to balance their work and family schedules or deal with difficult issues such as obesity. Bike tours are a fantastic way to see new places and get in shape at the same time.

If you don't like cycling, then you can also explore other active adventures such as kayaking or hiking. There are endless possibilities for your next adventure!

Quite a few destinations have excellent biking trips that make them perfect candidates for vacations of this type. Croatia is one example with its beautiful mountain passes and gorgeous coastlines - it's been ranked among the top five countries in the world for cycling. You can find all sorts of trips here to suit any level ranging from easygoing family fun to serious, strenuous mountain climbing.

There are several biking regions in Croatia with each having its own particularities: Dalmatia's Hinterland Tour (a relaxed coastal tour), The Tour of Istria (amazing views and small towns along the way), Northern Adriatic Islands or Northern Dalmatian Cycling Circuit (beautiful coastlines, forests, beaches).

The best advice for anyone is to make sure you always have a good map with picturesque cycling routes in Croatia. This will help not only plan your cycling holidays in Croatia but also it will help you find your way around the country.

Croatia cycling routes and tours are absolutely perfect for anyone who loves to cycle, walk, hike or climb mountains. The best thing is that there's a lot of different options for each type of adventure so whether you're an easygoing family person looking to spend your holidays in serenity and relaxation or someone who loves to take on the challenge of cycling routes, Croatia is an excellent option.

Itineraries offer different types of adventures for everyone, but they are especially perfect if you're in search for family-friendly holidays or great cycling tours that require some training before going into it. The itinerary we provide is very flexible and it has few cycling days, while still offering an adventure-packed experience.

What are the best cycling routes in Croatia? This is a question that each person must answer for themselves. The best cycling routes are different for each person, which is why we are here to help you find your perfect one!

The country of Croatia is home to some amazing cycling routes. A cycling holiday in Croatia is perfect for those looking to combine sightseeing with some physical activity, or the other way around – enjoy a laid-back lifestyle while exploring rural areas by bicycle. This country offers many options and it can be difficult to decide which one suits your needs best! Our personal advice would be that it doesn’t matter which cycling holiday in Croatia you choose, because the country itself is just a mix of countryside and urban areas.

Croatia has a lot to offer! Istria is well known for its historic sights and incredible coastal views, while the capital Zagreb offers some great opportunities for both urban cycling tours as well as mountain bike exploration of its surroundings (Zagorje is amazing for cycling). The stunning northern islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj also provides an excellent destination for holidays that combine active with sightseeing. These islands offer excellent cycling roads, diverse landscapes and all types of accommodation options. Of course, the southern Adriatic with Islands of Brač, Hvar, Korčula, Pelješac peninsula and Dubrovnik offer incredible possibilities of active vacations either we speak about cycling or different kind of multi adventure tours that include mountains, rivers and extraordinary unspoiled nature as you may find in our multi adventure tours (kayaking, hiking, cycling...)

Istria is the true paradise for cycling holidays in Croatia. The Istrian Peninsula - a favorite destination among European cyclists and hikers alike - has plenty of options when it comes to active long weekends or short breaks!

Istria is the perfect destination for you if you want to combine your active holiday with a more relaxed one. No matter what your preference, Istria has something for everyone! The Adriatic coast in general is perfect for those who want to relax by the sea and combine it with their active holiday. Krk, Cres and Lošinj are home to an impressive coastline which will keep you occupied for days! From coves that offer crystal clear waters to flavoursome cuisine, culture festivals or traditional villages, it's your choice. If you're looking for accommodation, it will be easy as there are plenty of excellent hotels and apartments to choose from.

Some of the most picturesque towns and must see in Istria are Motovun, Grožnjan, Buzet and Oprtalj.


A small village, this is a place where you can have the best of both worlds - walking in peace and quietness or cycling across hillsides with spectacular views. Motovun has an excellent medieval castle which never fails to impress visitors! The old town also offers numerous galleries and restaurants providing fresh local produce and wine. This small village is situated in the heart of Istria, between Pazin and Novigrad. Its hisorical sights will take you to a different place and time - from prehistory to medieval days. It's one of those places where you could spend hours without even noticing!


A popular place for cyclists, this is a perfect destination if you are looking to cycle some of the best roads in Croatia. Grožnjan also offers numerous hiking trails and great views over coastline! The old town has rich history with its 14th century church which was declared as UNESCO heritage site.

This old town offers an incredible view over Croatian coastlines and islands as well as inland Croatia with its rolling green hillsides. A perfect destination as well for hiking fans which offer numerous trails across breath taking landscapes that are just waiting for exploration.


If you are cycling enthusiasts, then Buzet should be your next stop on Croatian cycling holidays. This picturesque village can offer breath taking landscapes and relaxing countryside walks for those who prefer walking tours rather than cycling across hillsides or through authentic villages such as Motovun or Grožnjan. A bicyclist's paradise awaits!


If you are planning your Croatian cycling holidays, then Rovinj is a must-see destination. With vibrant cafes and restaurants lining the streets it's easy to spend an entire day simply walking around this coastal town. Add in some of the best sceneries that Croatia has to offer with stunning beaches on one side and hillsides covered by olive trees on the other, and you get a perfect destination for those who love exploring new places while enjoying breathtaking views!

Opatija Beach Resort

The most popular tourist resort next to Istria Town Opatija has everything for everyone: delicious food at its world famous restaurants & cafés, numerous entertainment facilities from casinos to bars or wellness centers - and of course the best beach in Opatija.

Some other great cycling tours through Croatia's countryside takes you over scenic hillsides dotted with vineyards fields and olive groves; there are also many opportunities to see rural life and enjoy some traditional local cuisine.

The best of cycling holidays around Croatia are waiting for you with various destinations to explore and experience.

There is also many opportunities to see rural life and enjoy some traditional local cuisine along the way. The vineyards are the best part of Istrian wine tours because they offer a panoramic view of Croatia's most beautiful vineyard lands and you can also taste their finest wines.

The Istrian wine route includes a visit to the wineries where you can taste wines and get an insight of Croatian wine making. It's good for those who want to learn more about this particular topic before they go on their tasting tour in order to be able to understand it better while visiting vineyards around Croatia.

Croatia is a diverse country of many different landscapes, which includes the mountains with their picturesque scenery and lakes. Croatia has vineyards that produce some of the best wines in Europe, as well as olive groves with the finest olive oil in Europe.

The latter being a tasty and healthy product, perfect for your culinary experience while on holidays. Along with vineyards, Croatia has beautiful beaches that offer crystal clear waters of various shades and colors - this is where you can also find peace during your active vacation!

You can start your cycling holiday in one village and end up somewhere completely different. There are a few routes which will have you exploring the vineyards of Istria- wine producers Istria, where good food abounds!

Croatia offers many different cycling routes which are suitable for all levels of cyclists who want to explore this country by bike. There is something just for everybody out here - excellent roads, cool climate, and fantastic accommodation.

So, check out our cycling and multi adventure tours or ask us for a custom tour we well be happy to prepare for your group and get prepared for your active holidays of a lifetime.

If you are a group of cyclists or somebody who wants to try cycling for the first time, Croatia is perfect destination. You will find something for everybody and it wont be long before you fall in love with this country that has many great memories waiting for you.

Remember there's always more than one way home so we'll make sure your active holidays won't end up on just one route but instead explore different regions each day - from village to village until finally reaching mountain tops overlooking the sea. Live life through senses!

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