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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Istria

Istria is the westernmost county of the Republic of Croatia and the largest peninsula of the Adriatic. But from our perspective, it's so much more. It is indeed a feast for the eyes. Its streams flow to the sea through deep valleys and gullies, bringing to mind the ancient local myths about giants. Rolling hills overlook the fields and valleys with little towns perched on the peaks, recalling some old paintings. The view is splendid: white-topped mountains, lush wheat fields, plateaux, valleys, vineyards and olive groves on hillsides, and, finally the sea. Istria offers something for everyone and it doesn't matter if you prefer exquisite gourmet offers, exciting outdoor activities, or culture, everyone will find something for themselves. The beautiful coastal part of Istria with numerous beaches and untouched inland with a rich history is one of the reasons why Istria is your ideal destination to escape from everyday life with many possibilities for a relaxing vacation. All those perks make Istria the best region for Croatia biking tours.

Istria can be an ideal destination for you! If you wonder why Istria should be the destination of your choice, we've got 5 reasons why you should visit our peninsula as soon as you can. Istria offers everything you need for your perfect vacation: rich history, sports activities, gastronomic pleasures, and picturesque small towns.

1) Learn more about the history during your visit to the peninsula
Our Croatia biking tours are also a sort of a time machine. Roman emperors, medieval rulers, representatives of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and many others used to live in Istria once upon a time, which is why there are many cultural-historical monuments of great importance on the peninsula. Every day and every some mile you cycle, there will be a new historic curiosity to find out. If you are a historical heritage buff, you must visit Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč which is listed on the UNESCO world's cultural heritage list, an open-air museum: magnificent Amphitheatre in Pula, and numerous other sights that revive rich history.

2) Sports activities full of adrenaline
If you like cycling or walking through beautiful nature, now it’s the right time to plan you're active vacation in Istria. If you are an adrenaline activities fan, explore Istria on the quad, in a kayak, or try paragliding and explore Istria from another angle. But in recent years, multi-day Croatia biking tours in Istria are becoming the most sought for group activity.

3) The gastronomic experience that will enhance your palate
Gastronomic offer in Istria will delight your palate! It's inspired by the sea, our peninsula's tradition, and modern approach to gastronomy, and all important information about the gastronomical offer can be found in Istra gourmet guide. Truffles, Istrian Malvasia and Teran, olive oil, traditional pasta - fuži and pljukanci are just some of the ingredients without which you can't imagine an Istrian gourmet experience. There is almost no better way to make rounds from vineyards to quaint family restaurants than on a Croatia biking tour.

4) Sea and the beaches will make your summer holiday memorable
From hidden coves to the beaches which offer various attractions, Istria has everything you need for a perfect summer vacation. All of our Croatia biking tours have them included as a standard, of course.
Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, you can enjoy the 539 kilometers long coastline for almost 5 months of the year. The sea will renew you and it will recharge your energy before returning to work.

5) The picturesque towns are waiting for your visit
It doesn't matter if you decide to visit MotovunHumGrožnjanOprtalj or any other hill town in Istria, each one of these towns will enchant you with its charm. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the typical Istrian landscape from the hill and peak of each town and you will have the opportunity to try local products and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of picturesque destinations in the Istrian inland.

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